UPDATE (7/02/14):

Stay Tuned for news and a video on our upcoming Garden Shares for the Fall of 2014– We are expanding our # of shares offered and adding a Greens shares options that proved very successful last season.

Watch our Facebook, Blog and email for announcement by the end of the July. 

UPDATE (1/3/14): Due to incredible demand we have now started a Waiting List for our Garden Shares. Please email our Garden Manager to be included on the waiting list– Maricarl (at)

We are very excited to offer you first access to our upcoming fall vegetable season through The Fruitful Field Garden Shares 2013-2014 program! 

Very similar to a CSA, our ”Buy-1-Give-1” Garden Shares program accomplishes two very important healthy food objectives:

1) Garden Shares gives you absolutely fresh, absolutely local produce every week of the South Florida primary growing season.

As one of last year’s subscribers said, ‘I’ve eaten way more vegetables this year than I ever have!’

2) Garden Shares gives needy families in the local area the same or greater quantity of absolutely fresh, absolutely local produce every week of the South Florida primary growing season–as a direct result of your subscription.

As one grandmother caring for six children said when she received her regular share plus extra collards , “Ohhhh, I am so blessed. I know where to come now when I need greens. These are all gonna get eaten up.


The Garden Shares availability is limited to 8 full-pay subscribers and as interest has been high we do expect a waiting list.

Questions?   Stop by the Garden on a Saturday morning or email info (at)


Details on The Fruitful Field’s 2013-2014 Garden Share Program

It’s already that time of year…time to start thinking about The Fruitful Field’s Garden Share Program! We’re already preparing for the fall and thinking about what we’re going to grow for our Garden Shares this year, and we want you to be the first to know all about what we have planned for our second season of Shares!

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to get a bag of fresh, local produce every week? A bag brimming with vegetables and fruits that were just picked early that morning and are full of flavor and nutrition? Would you like to know who grows your food and how they themselves and others like you who enjoy fresh produce cook these vegetables and fruits? What if for every bag or pound of produce you got, another local family in need got an identical bag or a nearby food pantry got the same amount of fresh, nutrient-dense produce? That’s what you get when you subscribe to our Garden Shares program.

Through this program, you, as a subscriber, get a weekly “share” of fresh, local vegetables and fruits from The Fruitful Field grown only with organic fertilizers and pesticides, the same way you receive a newspaper or magazine subscription weekly. In turn, your bag of produce gets matched bag for bag or pound for pound to a local family in food need or a nearby food pantry. Not only do you get to increase your family’s vegetable and fruit consumption, but you get to be a part of providing local families in need of better nutrition and produce options with fresh, high quality vegetables and fruits.

This program follows a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) system, in which subscriptions are purchased from a local grower. These subscriptions allow members to receive a “share” of fresh, locally grown vegetables and/or fruits. Payment is expected up-front for a season or in monthly installments. All subscribers to the program share in the risks and the benefits of growing produce—including bumper crops and plagues of locusts or torrential downpours!

This is The Fruitful Field’s second Garden Shares Program growing season, so we appreciate your patience, commitment, and good humor! There may be weeks where you feel that you have more tomatoes than you could possibly know what to do with or weeks where things look a little scarce to you. Since subscribers share in the risk of gardening, this means whatever is growing and producing at the time is what is available for your share. We will try to accommodate your preferences as much as we can, but this is ultimately a seasonal produce program. Part of the fun of this program is trying new vegetables and fruits, discovering new ways to cook them, and sharing in your triumphs and failures with your farmer and your fellow subscribers.

Growing Season Subscriptions:

This year our Garden Shares program will run for approximately 25 weeks of food production, from October 26 – April 19, give or take a week.

All subscriptions are payable in advance, in installments of $160 every 4 weeks.  This season we will be offering you the option of enrolling in an automated payment system to make everyone’s life easier. We believe this is an amazing value and remarkable ‘bang’ for your buck.

How It Works:

  • Model:  Subscribe for a weekly share, ensuring a local family in need or a nearby food pantry receives the same high value and quantity of produce every week.

  • Pick Up:  Two weekly pick up days and times will be determined as we approach the growing season.

  • Plentiful Produce:  One paper grocery bag (Whole Foods style) of produce is available for pick up by the Subscriber, approximately a ½ bushel per week.

  • Produce Selection:  Produce will vary from week to week depending on what is growing.

  • Customization Options: The contents of the bag are dependent on what is producing that week, but each Subscriber may give preferences and The Fruitful Field will try to accommodate if possible.

  • Forfeiting:  If your bag of produce is not picked up nor paid for by the determined end of pick up time, it will be given to another family or local food pantry unless specific arrangements have been made. We prefer to give your bag to you as the Subscriber though! There are no refunds for donations already made to the program.

Stopping the Program:  The program can be ended by either the Subscriber or The Fruitful Field at any time.