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8/24/15 We are very excited to offer you first access to our upcoming fall vegetable season through The Fruitful Field Garden Shares 2015-2016 program.

The Fruitful Field’s 2015-2016 Garden Share Program

As a subscriber to our Buy-Give Garden Share Program, you’ll receive a weekly “share” of fresh, local vegetables and greens from The Fruitful Field, grown using organic methods. And when you Buy, you Give fresh, local vegetables and greens to a local family in need, an area food pantry, or a soup kitchen.

This year when you Buy a share, you also Give local youth first-job skills too! Our new paid-youth intern program “Grow City” provides valuable vocational and leadership skills to local teens working at The Fruitful Field. See the website for details on Grow City.  

This program follows a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) system, in which subscriptions are purchased from a local farmer — in this case, TFF. All subscribers to the program share in the risks and the benefits of growing produce. There may be weeks when you feel that you have more eggplant and radishes than you know what to do with or weeks when things look a little scarce. This is a seasonal produce program, meaning that different fruits and vegetables will only be available at different points in the season. Part of the fun of this program is trying new vegetables and fruits, discovering new ways to cook them, and sharing in your triumphs and failures with your farmer and your fellow subscribers.

Growing Season Subscriptions:

This year our Garden Shares program will run for approximately 25 weeks of food production, from October 14 – April 16, give or take a week.

We are offering two options this year:


Greens Share Full Garden Share
Produce Average of 5 different greens Greens, Vegetables, Fruit (as available)
Price $100 per month over 7 months $160 per month over 7 months
Donation to Reserve $30 $50
Pickup Weekly (except Christmas and New Year’s week – no pickups) Weekly (except Christmas and New Year’s week – no pickups)
Times Available Choice of Wednesday from 4:30-6:30PM or Saturday from 9:30-11:30AM (must pick one) Choice of Wednesday from 4:30-6:30PM or Saturday from 9:30-11:30AM  (must pick one)
Season Schedule Oct 14 until April 16th (approximate) Oct 14 until April 16th (approximate)

This season we are asking everyone to enroll in our automated payment system to make life easier.


Other Details:

  • Alternating Shares:  If you are interested in an alternating share, please identify who you will alternate with and work out the details yourself. Both you and your alternate must keep the same pick-up day each week (i.e., always Wednesdays, or always Saturdays), as we need to keep harvest amounts consistent. You should arrange billing details between yourselves, and decide who will be billed for the share.
  • Forfeiting:  If your bag of produce is not picked up by the determined end of pick up time (6:30PM for Wednesdays or 11:30AM for Saturdays), it will be donated to a family in the community or to a local food pantry. We prefer to give your bag to you as the Subscriber. There are no refunds for donations already made to the program.
  • Stopping the Program:  The program can be ended by either the Subscriber or The Fruitful Field at any time. If you choose to stop, please coordinate it with the end of a billing cycle as we cannot provide refunds.
  • Tax-benefit: Payments are considered a donation; one-half of the amount is the value of goods received and not deductible. The other half, “the Give,” is tax-deductible. Check with your tax professional to properly use this.

So if you are interested in participating in this year’s program, sign up and reserve your place by making a non-refundable donation of $50 for the Garden Share Program or $30 for the Greens Share Program through our Paypal link Garden Shares Reservation. Once at this page, enter the amount of your donation — please pay careful attention to this part, as the amount you donate will tell us which program you are signing up for. If you then do not choose to subscribe in the fall, your reservation donation will be put to good use as a donation towards growing healthy food for the community. We will send you further instructions and a link for automatic payments as the first harvest approaches in October.

Questions?   Contact Tracy

Tracy Dillon / Garden Farm Manager