Garden Shares Registration

Our Shares reservations for the 2022/2023 season are open!
About Our Shares
 Our vegetables, greens, and herbs are grown at our Garden/farm location in Deerfield Beach using organic methods.
 Our shares season runs from November through April, depending on when hot weather ends our season; shares pickups are weekly.
 In addition to delicious veggies, your CSA subscription supports our vegetable and fruit donations to local food pantries and soup kitchens.
 Pickup locations are at the garden in the Tedder community of Pompano Beach (Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings) and at the Patricia Davis Community Garden near Blanche Ely School (Wednesday afternoons).

We hope to start Saturday, October 29th and will provide credit if we begin later because of weather/production delays.

Garden Shares – $42.00 per week (2-3 people)
Large/Family Garden Shares – $64.00 per week (4-6 people)
Leafy Greens Shares – $32.00 per week

Pay by the month
Cost/month: Share Family/Large Greens
October: 40.00 60.00 30.00
February/March: 160.00 240.00 120.00
December/April: 200.00 300.00 150.00

Seasonal Payment
Share: 1,000.00 (80.00 savings)
Family 1,500.00 (100.00 savings)
Greens 780.00 (30.00 savings)

“Our family has loved the opportunity to support our community while bringing home high-quality local organic produce. As a family with two small children, the Garden Share is the perfect amount and variety of vegetables and herbs. We look forward to the opportunity to try something new each week and enjoy bringing our children to the farm to share the experience and watch our produce grow. “
—Jason Yaker
Questions? Contact: or call: Jaime 954-922-0220

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