Garden Share Options

We offer three share options:

1. Garden Share
This weekly changing assortment of seasonal greens, vegetables, and herbs is intended for individuals or small families to enjoy during the week. Varieties will vary throughout the growing season, but each week, our Garden Shares will include either 2 bunches of greens and 3 types of veggies OR 3 greens and 2 veggies, PLUS 3 to 5 small bunches of culinary herbs: 8 to 10 items total each week.
 – For example, one week, this might include dino kale, arugula (or other salad greens), Sungold cherry tomatoes, and gourmet white harukei salad turnips, with basil, garlic chives, rosemary, mint, and cilantro.
– Another week, a garden share might include our sweet and tender broccoli, a bunch of french breakfast radishes, Italian heirloom eggplant, frilly mizuna salad greens, red or green mustard greens, and flat-leaf Italian parsley, rosemary and garlic chives, together with a small bunch of edible nasturtium flowers and leaves
$32 per week ($128 per month)

2. Greens Share
If you are a leafy greens lover, this is the share for you! Our Greens Share subscribers receive five good-sized bunches of different freshly harvested leafy greens each week. Varieties will vary throughout the growing season, although most weeks will include a mix of salad-type greens and hearty greens for cooking. (Although it’s true that some of our Greens Share members will put just about everything into green smoothies.) We keep adding new nutritious and delicious greens to our crop plan each season — many of which you’ll never find in a grocery store.
 – For example, a greens share one week might include arugula (or other salad greens), mustard greens, swiss chard, lacinato/dino kale, and collards; with several bunches of culinary herbs.
– Another week, a greens share might include rosie red bok choi, baby salad greens, broccoli raab, red russian kale, and chinese cabbage; with several bunches of culinary herbs.
$25 per week ($100 per month)

3. Family/Large Garden Share
If you like more variety and a wider assortment of seasonal greens, vegetables, and herbs in your weekly diet, our Family Garden Share may be right for you. Contents of shares vary throughout the growing season, but will each week include a variety of bunches of greens and a variety of vegetables together with 3 to 5 small bunches of culinary herbs. Depending on the time of year and the specific produce items growing at that time, family share subscribers generally receive at least 12 to 15 different items each week.
 – One week, our large garden share included: Mixed cherry tomatoes (Sun Gold, Juliets, Black Cherry, and a variety of striped and different shapes and colors), our sweet and tender broccoli, purple Bravo radish, green beans, carrots, mixed peppers (cubanelles, bell peppers, jalapeño, and habanero), rainbow swiss chard, joi choi bok choi, baby broccoli raab greens, “Supreme greens” bunch with frilly mizunas and other bold salad greens, tuscan/dino/lacinato kale, and herbs including garlic chives, thyme, cilantro, and mint, plus a small bunch of edible nasturtium flowers and leaves.
 – Another week, this share included miniature fairy tale eggplant, snow peas, napa cabbage, sweet potatoes, shishito peppers, watermelon radish, arugula, ethiopian kale, collards, tatsoi (a tender, spinach-like green), spicy red giant mustard greens, and herbs including rosemary, flat-leaf Italian parsley, cilantro, bay rum leaves, and sage.
$52.50 per week ($210 per month)