The Fruitful Field grows as the needs of our community become greater and value of sustainable use of land becomes clear.

If you visit the property today you will notice that this June 2009 master site plan for Garden: Master Plan was a good start and only a departure point for planting  more trees and putting in more planting more vegetable areas on the South side for property.

In the individual plots, we have grown a large variety of vegetables and fruits with great success, despite the sandy Florida soil! Most of us have mixed in mushroom compost, coffee grounds and manure compost into our plots, and then fertilized with chicken manure or fish emulsion, and mulched everything with whatever mulch is available. To see some early photos of fruits and veggies growing, click here.

In the garden as a whole, we have a large variety of fruit trees we are planting, as well as native species. To see some early photos of the trees being planted and growing look through our Flickr page, click here.  Check out tje rest of the site for what’s going on now.

If you’d like more info on what we are growing, leave us a comment or send an email to: info(at)

Some amazing resources for seeds are:

For Information on other local gardens and Local Food places and events check this link

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