Grow, Gather, and Give


“Our family has loved the opportunity to support our community while bringing home high quality local organic produce. As a family with two small children, the Garden Share is the perfect amount and variety of vegetables and herbs. We look forward to the opportunity to try something new each week and enjoy bringing our children to the farm to share the experience and watch our produce grow.“

Jason Yaker

“We picked up a bunch of stir fry greens and tomatoes at the pompano beach farmers market. We cooked them up tonight, they were absolutely amazing, so flavorful, all we needed to cook was a little olive oil and salt and pepper. We will be back soon to get some more from this wonderful place!”

Gillian Sartini

“I love it there my son just started working there today and when he came back he was excited I personally recommend that your kids should try it out.”

Raphael Merisier

I just now found out about the Fruitful Field it is a wonderful program everyone in the community gets to benefit from, and it's such a Beautiful place. There are wonderful people that have been grown there and helping the community, kids and the homeless for quite some time. I am very grateful for your services and for all the love you pass out daily. Thank you 💗

Nena Rodriguez

I went there during their produce-plant sale. What an excellent facility! Any opportunity that we can get to interest the youth in agriculture is important, and the staff was very motivated and informed. A great spot to take children so as to introduce them to nature and agriculture.

Frank B