Honey Bee

Honey BeeWhile many people think of bees as a bad insect that can sting you, they serve a very important purpose in the garden.  They are one of the more common pollinators.  Without pollination, plants won’t grow fruit or vegetables.

While walking around the garden you may notice that we have quite a few bees.  In fact sometimes it seems like you’re walking through a swarm.  Fortunately they are there for the flowers and almost never sting people unless they are near the bees’ hive.

BeehiveAt the Fruitful Field we have beehives.  This gives us a way to keep them around for pollination.  As an added bonus we get to harvest the honey from the hives.  If you see the hives when you visit, please view them from a distance.  The bees can be defensive of their hives.

One interesting thing to note about honey is that it will take on the flavor of whatever happens to be blooming when the bees are gathering nectar.  If the banana trees are blooming then the honey will have a slight banana taste to it.