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And More Fruitful Cooking

Check out the recipes below!

Tea Pastries served at Tea in the Garden

Whole Wheat Scones by Arlene Sandler

Orange Raisin Scones by Arlene Sandler

Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Scones by Arlene Sandler

Beans and Legumes:(with Juliann Page)

     Early Fall
Roasted Green Bean Fries
Black-Eyed Pea Saute with Crispy Bananas

Cauliflower (with Juliann Page)


Greens: (with Juliann Page)

     Early Fall
Mustard Greens in Ginger Garlic Cream Sauce
Garlicky Broccoli Rabe Pasta


Broccoli (with Juliann Page)


Roots and Radishes: (with Juliann Page)

  Daikon Radish Roast


Tomatoes (with Juliann Page)




     Early Fall

Other Great Edibles:

      Early Fall


*Juliann Paige’s Bio

My name is Juliann Paige, I’m an eastern/oriental medical student with a passion for health and the environment. I’m cooking up whole foods that are good for our bodies, our souls, and the world around us. We’ve become disconnected. This is about closing the gap, encouraging responsible eating habits, and learning that it doesn’t have to be hard to enjoy the abundance of amazing foods that the Creator has blessed us with. Together we will bring awareness to the foods we consume that in turn fuel and nourish our bodies, and to where those foods come from. These recipes are designed just for you: the nine-to-fiver who is exhausted from work, the parent on a budget, the student with limited time. It is not more difficult or more expensive to eat healthy, you just need a guide to pave the way for you- allow me to be that guide!