Fall Garden kickoff Saturday October 18th

Our Fall Kickoff is Saturday October 18th–Don’t miss it!

Hey Fruitful Field fans from all climes,  

Temperatures may vary where you are but here in South Florida we’ve moved from sweltering summer to still warm but much more comfortable fall.  We’re waking up from hibernation by getting outside and making the most of sunshine and rain to enjoy the plants and fruits that grace our big growing season.

So, wake up and come smell the dragon fruit flowers on Saturdaythe 18th.  Here’s what we are offering:

  1. Garden Plots for “rent”: Yearning for to place to get your hands dirty while planting grandma’s heirloom butter beans?  Community gardening family Chad, Adrienne and Walker have found one of our hidden treasures. You can too–we still have 5 plots available for the season, out of 18 total.  This is the real gardening deal!!!    Our plots are 10′ by 10′ with drip irrigation and will only set you back $20 for a season of gardening work.  Only organic methods are permitted and soon your plot can be bursting with learning, tasty veggies and community!
  2. Garden Tours:  Curious about what a jujube flower smells like or how a row of mustard greens sways in the breeze?  Ever wonder why drip irrigation is so much better than a sprinkler? Been meaning to check us out or overdue for an update?  Here’s your chance to come look around and hear stories about our creative approach to food, community, and care of creation.
  3. Work Day Projects: Old Hands know that the Third Saturday of each month is aVolunteer Workday and we don’t want to disappoint!   In the midst of the hubbub we will have a few challenging projects for those of you who want to help us help others grow high quality local and organically-grown food in a beautiful setting.  Come with closed-toe shoes and gloves; leave with a sense of satisfaction.
  4. Garden based refreshments:  Heard about our famous Iced Lemongrass tea?  Here’s your chance! We’ll have it available from 9am to noon.  Curious about how green papaya curry tastes?  We will be serving this light lunch from  11amonward.  Our Food and Nutrition Coordinator, the amazing Amanda Heisman, will be showing off creative ways to eat early season plants. Taste what local seasonal food is all about! 
See you in the garden,
Flavio for The Fruitful Field