GrowCity Youth-Paid Internship

The GrowCity Youth Internship program is a first-time job that focuses on teaching local high school teens first-time job skills within a garden setting.

Our GrowCity interns partner with food banks, shelters, and churches to bring fresh produce from The Fruitful Field directly to people in need. The GrowCity internship teaches public speaking skills, resume building, problem-solving, Financial literacy, and food preparation using the fresh produce that the Interns helped to grow. Interns participate in local Farmer’s Markets to learn about product selection, survey vendors, and gain an understanding of selling, product placement, and marketing strategies.

Our Grow City Youth Internship began in 2015. We accept up to 40 Interns per year and operate at two sites. We hope to add a third in South Broward for the 2023-24 season. Funding for our 2023-2024 season has been secured through a generous donation from The Jim Moran Foundation. We are grateful for their support.

Funding for past seasons was provided by The Community Foundation of Broward and The Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation. We recently secured funding from the Children’s Services Council to produce a Grow City Youth Lesson Plan book that can be marketed to after-school and community garden programs.

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