Intern Position Available – Urban Farm Intern

Background on The Fruitful Field Intern experience:

The Fruitful Field’s work involves creating access to food that is grown using organic methods, accessible to all and creates job opportunities and better health for our urban community.  As a hands-on experience for interns, it includes building skills in sustainable sub-tropical agriculture practices, as well as permaculture, gardening, creation care and community engagement (i.e., contact with the homeless, mentally ill, and inner-city youth, as well as ‘green surburbanites’, etc). This experience also provides educational opportunities to organize field trips, community potlucks, educational seminars, and group discussions on the property.


  1. Planting, maintenance, harvesting and tracking the +/- 1 acre of plots called the “Fruitful Field Food Pantry Plots” for supply to on-site and local food pantries.
  2. Assisting in running a plant nursery used for 1) planting on-site plots and 2) sale/distribution to the community. This includes seed purchasing, scheduling planting cycles, caring for seedlings, etc.
  3. Assisting in supervising volunteers 2 weekdays per week and once a month on the Saturday workday.
  4. Schedule: Tuesday – Saturday for +/- 5 hours a day or approximately 25 hours weekly.
  5. Reports to TFF Executive Director.

Site Description:

The Fruitful Field is located on six acres in Pompano Beach Florida in the unique 10a-10b (sub-tropical) Zone of Southeast Florida. Three acres of the property are planted with fruit trees, native trees, and vegetable gardens, including: A one-acre (and expanding) “Food Pantry plot” zone, 18 smaller community plots offered to the public, bee hives, worm bins, a plant nursery, and the ‘Food Forest’ containing citrus, bananas, and other fruit trees and edible plants. Captured rain-water and well water are used for irrigation, and reclamation of more property from invasive tree species is ongoing. In our third year of operation, we partner with Parkway United Methodist Church, which owns and shares use of the property located adjacent to Interstate 95 in the urban ‘Tedder’ neighborhood. TFF is a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


  1. Highly Motivated to work in organic food production/ Some experience required
  2. Skilled in Record Keeping
  3. Organized, strong work ethic, and a sense of humor
  4. Some experience working with volunteers preferred
  5. Agreement with The Fruitful Field’s Mission Statement (below) and ability to work with a faith-based non-profit organization, including passing a background check.

Other Important Details:

Currently all positions at TFF are UNPAID.
We provide housing, breakfast, and produce from TFF.
Transportation options include either a monthly bus pass & access to a bicycle, or the equivalent in a monthly gas card.

How to Apply
Email your resume and a two page (max) essay/cover letter to  
In this essay briefly explain your vision of the role and importance of urban farms in the future.

Mission Statement:

The Fruitful Field seeks God’s peace and wholeness by caring for the earth, sharing with those in need, and fostering spiritual health. We model creative and sustainable use of land, provide dynamic hands-on learning opportunities for all ages, and build healthy relationships with the local community and beyond. The Fruitful Field exists to re-connect people and creation with each other and with God.