Plots Available for our Fall Growing Season

Hello Fruitful Field Fans:

Been thinking it’s time to get into the local food scene and grow your own veggies? Well, here is your chance!  A few 10 ft by 10 ft plots are available for the new season and they are full of potential and waiting for your care and investment.


  • Sign Up Date & Start of Season:  Sign Up begins Saturday August 4th at 9:00 AM at The Fruitful Field. Please Note, sign up must be in person–not by email or phone.
  • Cost & Length of Season:  $20 for the season that runs from Aug 2012 to July 2013. Cash only please.
  • Other Requirements:  Organic growing methods and signing a Garden Plot Agreement 2012_2013
  • Limited Number of Available Plots: First come, first served on August 4th.
Upgrades for Fall Gardening Season: 
  • Compost material will now be more easily available! We have excellent mulch that has decomposed into “dirt” or “humus” and which you should mix into your soil when you plant for better results.  Our sandy soil has it’s challenges but this free benefit may help your garden be more productive. Look for the humus starting mid-August.
  • As you have already noticed, our our excellent “in-ground micro irrigation” has been watering your plot automatically for you since last September.
  • We will begin short workshops on Saturday mornings with tips to help you and your garden grow and become abundant!
See you in the Garden!