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Leadership Workshop

Discover new ways to Celebrate Creation and Build Creative Communities A One-Day Workshop at Parkway United Methodist Church Pompano beach, FL on Saturday, January 30th 2010 from 8:30 AM – 1:30 PM (including lunch) Leard how a small struggling church thought beyond their pews, developed 

Fruit Tree Arrival

Our fruit trees have arrived! Here are some photos of the gorgeous citrus trees that arrived early this morning. If you want to see the mango, banana and other fruit trees, you’ll just have to come to the garden tomorrow for the big planting! This 

Fantastic Workday, 324 Trees and Shrubs, 300+ Groundcovers, 45 + Sweaty Volunteers

First off, thank you to everyone that came out! We couldn’t have done it without you. Despite the fact that it was record breakingly hot all day long, I think it’s safe to say that everyone had fun, and it was a great all-around experience. In less than six hours, we planted 324 trees and shrubs, 300+ groundcover plants, spread mulch and watered everthing! That’s quite an accomplishment.

Keep your eyes peeled for info on the next big workday. We’ll be at the garden working every weekend for the rest of June and July, with the exception of July 4th. As soon as we have all the info together, we’ll announce when the next tree shipment will be in. The next shipment should be our last for the current project, and should allow us to finish planting the rest of the property. And guess what? That shipment will be all of the fun fruit trees! Until then, there is plenty to be done! We have mounds and mounds of mulch waiting to be spread, and holes to dig and things to do to prepare for the next set of trees.

To view the complete set of photos from the workday, click here.

Tree Arrival

Today our first order of trees and groundcover arrived! The plants all look absolutely gorgeous. Everyone showed up around 9:00am or so, and the truck arrived soonafter, and we all got to work on unloading! It didn’t take long to unload everything, and once it 

Help Us Grow!

Our first tree planting workday is this Saturday, June 20th! We are very excited!  We have 324 trees & shrubs and 350 groundcover plants (yes, that makes 774 holes to dig!) arriving Friday morning, and we need to get as many as possible into the 

Garden Meeting

Our weekly garden meeting was tonight, and it went really well. We got a quick update from everyone, and then split into two groups. One group worked on organizing all of the logistics like volunteers, water, snacks, etc., and a second group focused on trees, placement and organizing how to go about the actual act of planting them. A lot was accomplished! Most of the logistics are taken care of and people are assigned specific tasks this week, to help get ready for Saturday. The only thing we are missing is volunteers! We haven’t had many people RSVP to let us know they’ll be there, so we don’t really know how many people to expect at this point. So if you are coming, bring a friend, and let us know!

We’ll have snacks and water available, and lots of different things for everyone to do!

Trees on Friday

Our first shipment of trees will arrive at the garden on Friday morning! We’ll have more details posted soon. If you are free that morning and can help us unload them, that would be amazing:-) We are also going to need lots of volunteers on 

2nd Garden Workday

So, this was the second garden workday so far. The goal for this workday was to finish staking out the areas for the plants, and to dig a few holes to see how difficult it was, and how long we thought it would take. Low 

Bobcat Work Begins!

I swung by the garden to do some weeding in my plot today, and I was very excited to see the bobcat hard at work! Much of the asphalt and rock had already been pushed aside, revealing classic sandy Florida soil underneath.

Garden Meeting

Tonight was a successful garden meeting. We were able to discuss several issues that have popped up, and get organized for Saturday. We’re hoping that the first order of plants will be in by then, but even if they aren’t there are plenty of things