Thanks to Zion Lutheran the Model plot is planted and growing

Three months ago the Zion Lutheran 6th, 7th and 8th graders started their hard work at The Fruitful Field.  Today the progress is visible and growing…

Things went from this dry and barren plot…

To this green and fruitful garden!

As the dry barren land was transformed into a green and nutritious space, teachers remarked on the garden’s transformational effect on the students. As an eighth grade teacher said ‘the trips to the garden were amazing–the students returned to their classes energized and focused rather than hyper and disinterested.’

On May 2nd we concluded with a closing ceremony with Thank you’s and plans for next school year:


Best of all the Middle Schoolers brought items from their own wardrobe and pantries! Combined with fresh vegetables from the garden these contributions will feed and clothe families at Hope South Florida. Thank you Zion Lutheran Middle School, see you in the fall!

Special Reminder: Next Volunteer Work Day is Saturday May 19th 9am to 12noon–see you there!