Veggie Gardens and Fruit Trees: Nov 13th Workday Recap

Saturday’s workday had two major projects both aimed at increasing food production for the community:

1) Expand the food pantry plots by 50%! Great volunteers took out rocks, filled the permaculture beds with soil, and planted veggies. Remember all those ‘dirt-y’ bags we asked for? This is where they went! Soil plus composted manure makes a great growing environment for all the plants and seedlings. Stop by some Saturday and see how they’re growing!

2) Give the food forest trees a major health boost! Even more volunteers cleared grass and weeds from around the bases, put down new soil (there go those dirt-y bags again!) and planted inoculated legume plants to boost the capture of nitrogen. It looks amazing out there!

Thank you to all our regulars, and especially to our volunteers from Hope South Florida and Whole Foods! Everyone was amazing!!!

A special Fruitful Field thank you to The Garden Gate and The Urban Farmer for the supply of plants and seedlings. Please check them out!

Check out the slide show and stay tuned for the next workday.