Cokesbury Fruitful Field Weekend Update

The plentiful rain has pumped up our turnips to the size of baseballs, broccoli is “heading up”, pepper transplants are budding flowers that will eventually develop into bell peppers, beets have sprouted, and our best row of carrots with diakon radish is in full gear! We inter-planted the diakons in gaps where the carrots did not germinate. Also, we managed to mulch a good stretch of one of our tomato rows which will help retain moisture, reduce watering, and generally improve soil conditions.

22lbs of produce from yesterday’s harvest headed to the food pantry at Cokesbury Umc from the Margate site of The Fruitful Field. Happy eating! Additionally, we have for sale arugala, mustards, collards, cilantro, parsley, broccoli raab, and Asian cabbage. Contact me for your needs. The proceeds of your purchase ensure an equal amount of produce can be donated to those in need.”

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