NOVA NSU -Intern

The Fruitful Field was fortunate to have a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist graduate student from the Department of Nutrition at Nova Southeastern University. Camilla Mirkin worked with our Grow City Youth interns, GardenShare members, volunteers, and others who frequent The Fruitful Field. Her help with our 

The Fruitful Field Updates

The Fruitful Field team is busy preparing fields for summer. We are planting eggplant, peppers, and okra in select fields. We are allowing some fields to rest through the summer. You will see positive change when you return for Market days in the fall. The 

Final Market of the Season

Saturday, April 16th!

Preparing for the 2022-23 Season

Come join us as we prepare for the upcoming growing Season! Our programming includes ADULT INTERNSHIPS, GROW CITY YOUTH, GARDEN SHARES, COMMUNITY PLOTS & more. We will be adding events such as school tours and volunteer days, nutrition education, mindfulness/yoga, growing classes, and more in 

Digging for Sweet Potatoes

As we near the end of November, it’s still a crazy busy time of year for the garden. We are nearly finished transitioning from our summer-fallow fields to planted rows. That means weeding and prepping beds, transplanting, weeding, and continuing to start seedlings. And weeding….. 

A Summer of Building

A Summer of Building

Noah, one of our summer volunteers, and I plucked two ripe figs from our Brown Turkey fig tree, tore them open to see the glistening pink and white flesh, and then popped them, still warm from the sun, into our mouths. If you’ve had a 

Bug Hunt

Insects are everywhere in the garden, but, as our GrowCity Youth discovered on Saturday morning’s Bug Hunt, that’s not all bad news. Some are beneficial, acting as natural predators to our less-favored garden pests (like that very pretty cabbage looper that wants to eat all of the broccoli). Others help with pollination. We are especially fond of our garden spiders, which set up webs in among the tomato plants and catch stinkbugs. As it turns out, our GrowCity Youth are pretty good bug hunters, too!