July 9th workday and Summer Gardening workshop

Hot as blazes–fun as a cold watermelon! –Join us for your mid-summer work out. Projects of different kinds

Plus from 10:00 to 10:30.
Mini Workshop on growing vegetables during South Florida’s brutal summers
The Fruitful Field’s Miguel Afonso will give a short presentation on growing vegetables during South Florida’s brutal summers.
This will consist of an informative introduction to the topic of growing vegetables in the tropics and introducing the concept of a bioshelter. This short presentation will conclude with the hands on fabrication of a simple hoop house.

Here’s Miguel (in white shirt) coordinating a group of volunteers on straw bale gardening in March:


for an example along the lines of our summer gardening project look at this video

We will have a variety of other work tasks and, of course, shade and cool refreshments.

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