September Workshop: Episcopal Charities of Southeast Florida

On a tropical Saturday morning Episcopal clergy, laity, and a few others stopped by the garden for one of our immersive workshop experiences. The workshop began, of course, with a tour of the 6 acres.  We meandered through individual plots, a citrus forest, a food forest, Food pantry plots and an area planted in South Florida native plants.


Along the way of course there were explanations of mulching and micro-organisms, basics on permaculture, sampling of figs and barbados cherries as well as an “I’m over my head in a banana forest” moment!


Learning is multi-faceted so we ended our time with collaboration, sharing, and dreaming about the possibilities that each participant would take with them to grow in their own environment (note the pipe cleaners–a democratic form of art and right brain expression). As well as some resource sheets and community garden tips!

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If your religious group or community would like to experience a workshop, please contact us– we value being part of growing a network of creation care, sustainable food production, and community in South Florida.