Work Day on Saturday the 29th: a great one!

Thanks to everyone who came to the Work Day!  The hot sunny weather was tolerable as the battle of invasives really went forward.

The day saw new faces (awesome!), chainsaws of all sorts and in all sorts of repair, Japanese machetes, saws, crimpers, oversized wagons and heavy duty work gloves–combined with lots of water/food/and conversation.  The a big chunk of Brazilian pepper got hacked down and readied for chipping.  Fewer invasives gives room for new trees and a possible wetland in the future.

Not to be left out our super engineer Glenn continued connecting up our state of the art rain catching system with final touches on the tubing system which may send up to 10,000 gallons a minute off the roof and into our irrigation system.

(There are more great pictures on Flickr just click on the sidebar to see the whole set)

On a fun nature note the day also saw the arrival of feathered volunteer– Basil the parakeet who blew in on the wind and wanted to rescued.  Cute bird!