Tedder Elementary– 4th and 1st Graders- Planting Pines, Worms, Lady bugs, Watermelon hills

This last week has been hopping with activity as kids from Tedder Elementary are making it a regular part of their learning circuit.

We’ve had a great new addition to our volunteer team– Chloe Lyon and friends– for the last two weeks Chloe and 3 of her friends have been helping out with the eager, curious, and rowdy students from Tedder elementary school– a school just 3 blocks away from the garden,.

On May 7th sixteen 5th graders planted 26 south florida slash pines (wow was it humid out!), played with ladybugs and chomped on oranges.

On May 12th the whole first grade (over 100 energetic kids) came ambling across the garden to plant watermelon seeds, learn about the parts of a tree, and of course work with lady bugs and worms. Don’t forget the snack with the all important orange slices and as a seasonal treat– watermelon.