3rd Grade Visit- Worm Towers! More Adult Volunteers Needed

On a beautiful warm South Florida day about one hundred 3rd graders from Tedder elementary came bouncing through the gates to enjoy over an hour’s worth of learning and fun at the Garden and Fruit Forest.

As you can see from the pictures below, today’s big project was “worm towers”.  It’s a way of building a home base for worms to work up a patch of earth. The plastic tube has holes drilled in the bottom and regular food and water are dropped down the tube to give the worms a safe and regular place from which to work.  Over time their activity will make the surrounding area a better place for both plants and worms! If you want more information please take a look on Youtube for some videos on the process.

Our garden has got a great problem: we have so much interest from the school for field trips that we NEED MORE ADULT VOLUNTEERS .

If you have an occasional spare morning to make a positive difference in the lives of kids, please help us out!!  On field trip days it means being  at the garden around 8:30am on the morning of the visit, doing some prep work with us, school kids arrive around 9:00 AM and everything is done by 10:15 AM.

Interested in volunteering? Email Waynewayneboswell (at) mac.com and be part of acquainting kids with things green and healthy!