What Our Farmer Did This Summer

In addition to weeding, mulching (and sweating) through the hot South Florida summer days, we have spent much of the past month researching ways to increase production in our current space. The goal is two-fold: To serve more of the people who want to join 

Zion Lutheran Middle School students are back!

Starting September 23rd and continuing for the next 10 weeks we have Zion Lutheran students doing all kinds of creative, educational and nutritional things at the garden. 1st to the garden are the 6th graders who in the last two weeks have done a scavenger 

Middle School Youth work on the Model Plot

If you aren’t on our Facebook you may have missed seeing some of the progress on the Model Plot– our version of a garden scaled just right for a church lawn or the side yard of a non-profit. Zion Lutheran Students grades 6, 7 and 

Friday at the Garden– Growing 5th Graders and a Plant Nursery

Friday dawned warm and tropical at The Fruitful Field and the action began with a group of volunteers arriving to set up for the arrival of 100+ 5th graders from Tedder Elementary. At 9:00 sharp they arrived ready to learn and soak up some garden 

Volunteers Needed- Kindergarten visit to the garden Dec 10th 2010

Kids love field trips to The Fruitful Field! It’s a great time for the volunteers also. On Friday morning December 10th at 9:00 AM one hundred kindergarten kids from Tedder Elementary school will stop by to learn about plants, bugs, citrus and being outdoors! To 

Tedder Elementary– 4th and 1st Graders- Planting Pines, Worms, Lady bugs, Watermelon hills

This last week has been hopping with activity as kids from Tedder Elementary are making it a regular part of their learning circuit. We’ve had a great new addition to our volunteer team– Chloe Lyon and friends– for the last two weeks Chloe and 3 

3rd Grade Visit- Worm Towers! More Adult Volunteers Needed

On a beautiful warm South Florida day about one hundred 3rd graders from Tedder elementary came bouncing through the gates to enjoy over an hour’s worth of learning and fun at the Garden and Fruit Forest. As you can see from the pictures below, today’s 

Tedder Elementary Field Trip 3/23/10

On a gorgeous Tuesday morning almost 100 2nd graders ambled the few blocks from their school to the garden to follow up on last year’s visit and learn new things as well. This visit included Sunflower circle revisit with new seed planting and explanation about 

Tedder Elementary School 2nd Graders Experience “the garden”!

On the morning of Tuesday November 17th 110 Second graders from Tedder Elementary lined up at school and tromped 2 blocks to the south gate of Parkway Tedder Garden. ¬†Excited to be on a field trip and excited by so many new things literally on