Tedder Elementary School 2nd Graders Experience “the garden”!

On the morning of Tuesday November 17th 110 Second graders from Tedder Elementary lined up at school and tromped 2 blocks to the south gate of Parkway Tedder Garden.  Excited to be on a field trip and excited by so many new things literally on their doorstep the fun began!  Five Different stations hosted classroom groups on their discovery path–

  • Comparing soils and planting sunflower seeds
  • Learning about compost (broken down vegetables that become fertilizer) and worms!
  • Native Plants and the new site for a natural kid’s playground
  • Ladybugs, ladybugs, ladybugs!!!
  • Snacks and a tour of the fruit trees.

From the great experience of gardens, bugs, and trees this should be the first of many field trips and the start of a partnership with our local school Tedder Elementary.