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Rainy Friday, yes, but Saturday is supposed to be sunny

If Saturday is sunny please plan on joining us by working on some great garden projects. Certainly the plants are well watered!

Leadership Workshop

Discover new ways to Celebrate Creation and Build Creative Communities A One-Day Workshop at Parkway United Methodist Church Pompano beach, FL on Saturday, January 30th 2010 from 8:30 AM – 1:30 PM (including lunch) Leard how a small struggling church thought beyond their pews, developed 

Tedder Elementary School 2nd Graders Experience “the garden”!

On the morning of Tuesday November 17th 110 Second graders from Tedder Elementary lined up at school and tromped 2 blocks to the south gate of Parkway Tedder Garden.  Excited to be on a field trip and excited by so many new things literally on their doorstep the fun began!  Five Different stations hosted classroom groups on their discovery path–

  • Comparing soils and planting sunflower seeds
  • Learning about compost (broken down vegetables that become fertilizer) and worms!
  • Native Plants and the new site for a natural kid’s playground
  • Ladybugs, ladybugs, ladybugs!!!
  • Snacks and a tour of the fruit trees.

From the great experience of gardens, bugs, and trees this should be the first of many field trips and the start of a partnership with our local school Tedder Elementary.

Celebration a Big Success and a New Step in Growing

We would like to thank everyone who came to our celebration this past Saturday!  Though the weather was incredibly hot and humid for October, many of you showed up to drink lemonade under the fruit trees, plant a food pantry garden, put your handprints and 

Trees, Paths and People

“We are doing this project in big part for people we have not met, or may never personally meet, in fact some of these people may not even be born yet– these trees are an investment in a bigger future. It’s exciting to be a 

Work Day this Saturday the 22nd

Join us on Saturday, August 22nd, to plant more trees in our urban food forest at Parkway-Tedder Community Garden!

What: Help us wrap up the Broward Beautiful grant phase of our project

When: Saturday, August 22nd, from 8:00am to 1:00pm

Location: 100 NE 44 St, Pompano Beach at Parkway United Methodist

Who: You and anyone who thinks trees are a beautiful thing!

We are happy to provide community service hours, snacks and water.

Growing in the Summer Heat

A little over a week after planting, here’s a little visual check in! After all the labors of planting, mulching, and the continuing efforts of watering the fruit trees they seem to be enjoying their job of turning dry, rocky ground into a green fragrant 

We Planted a Beautiful Food Forest

Saturday, July 18th, was a big success. All  the little citrus, mango, banana, tamarind, fig, allspice, sapote etc…. etc… got planted and were standing tall and comfortably surrounded by mulch by 12:30 pm on Saturday! Sure it was hot, dripping tropical hot, but the coolness 

Fruit Tree Arrival

Our fruit trees have arrived! Here are some photos of the gorgeous citrus trees that arrived early this morning. If you want to see the mango, banana and other fruit trees, you’ll just have to come to the garden tomorrow for the big planting!

This is definitely the week to come! If you’ve been waiting and considering coming to a workday, this is the one to come to:-) The entire garden smells of lovely citrus blossoms.

Plant Fruit Trees on July 18th!

Join us on Saturday, July 18th, to plant fruit trees and an urban food forest at Parkway-Tedder Community Garden! When: Saturday, July 18th from 8:00am to 1:00pm Location: 100 NE 44 St, Pompano Beach at Parkway United Methodist What: Plant 50 citrus trees and 90 

Big Workday July 18th

Mark your calendars, July 18, 2009,  we will be posting more details here soon but that’s the next big day of major tree planting.  8:00 Am to 1:00 PM, get your pickaxes and shovels ready. Also Two other great Workdays before the big event: This 

Youth Group Goes Bananas

On Wednesday, July 8th,  a local youth group will be digging Banana circles! Yes, you heard that right, Banana circles. These are a creative permaculture way of planting tropical banana trees mixed in with sweet potato vines.  The end result are plants that like each other and produce lots tasty fruit and vegetables.

By the end of the project lots of these circles will be planted all over the property.  They are a great way for youth groups to be involved and then keep tracking their circle. Let us know if your group wants to dig a circle!

With the Rain Came the Wind!

The new plants got a wonderful amount of water on Tuesday.  Of course the rain was delivered with lots of wind, blowing intense wind!  This had its consequences. Fortunately, though there is a lot of leaning, there is not too much on the lying on