Trees, Paths and People

“We are doing this project in big part for people we have not met, or may never personally meet, in fact some of these people may not even be born yet– these trees are an investment in a bigger future. It’s exciting to be a part of this.”

As a couple of us rested in the shade during work on Saturday, this was the conversation. The hundreds of trees are taking shape and it’s not hard to imagine them full grown and sharing their fruit with the community.

Last Saturday was a great wrap up to the Broward Beautiful grant phase of this community project. Some of the team had gone to ECHO on Friday to get the last batch of tress and ground cover for this phase. Part of the day’s activity including planting these trees: avocado, moringa, malabar spinach, papaya, hibiscus and don’t forget the sweet potatoes intertwined in the banana circles! The other part of the day was spent making the permaculture forest ready for people by outlining path borders with logs and filling in the paths themselves with gravel. We also set up two benches– places that will soon be shaded by the growing tress and surrounded by bird sounds as the local wildlife start making frequent visits.

Where is the next step, you might ask? Write Saturday October 10th on your calendar! That’s going to be the Big Celebration Day for the summer’s planting and the kick-off for the winter’s garden season– more information to follow!