Mulch, Mulch, Mulch

The morning of Saturday June 27th was a great day for the smaller group of volunteers following up from the big tree-shrub-groundcover planting last Saturday.  It was time to stake the trees that were tipping and create an earthier zone over the gravelly sandy rubble by adding layers of mulch to hold water and keep the ground from overheating. Kids, youth and adults all scooped and spread the mountains of mulch around the whole planting zone with wagons, pitchforks and a pickup-turned-wheelbarrow.  Cool little rock borders were set out to contain the mulch zones and watering hoses and an irrigation system was adjusted as well.  Meanwhile on the Parkway front a crew reorganized the equipment shed, hauling out ‘old stuff’ to organize and create space for storing many of the tools needed to keep the Green Garden zone at its growing best.  We’ll rest from our labors on July 4th, and be back at it on Saturday July 11th, with more tree planting to follow the week after!