Tea in the Garden- A well watered success: part 2

When last we wrote, the rain had poured, stopped, and a rainbow had come out!  At 5:30pm the sun showed up and so did Tea in the Garden guests.  Hesitantly at first, wondering if they would find anything going on in the Garden…folks beamed when they saw the tiki torches and smiles grew wider seeing the tables laden with home-baked goods.

What a great evening! The Tea in Garden succeeded on all counts, showing off the Garden and Food Forest, raising funds, and most importantly bringing people together.  All of you are invited to “Put Down Roots” and participate! The next Volunteer Workday is Saturday March 13 from 9am-12pm; bring a pound of your favorite produce to contribute to the Food Pantry, and stay to work on a project!

Over $2,000 was raised thanks to all of you who came to the event!  If you would like to contribute financially, Tea in the Garden is still accepting donations:   Paypal Link

Scroll down for a few more pictures or visit the flickr site, and…See you in the Garden!

the promised rainbow!

Tables for all ages

And the Garden glowed with tiki torches and white lights

Safari Tea!

Some Introductions, Explanations and Invitations to “Put down Roots”