Tea in the Garden- A well watered success: part 1

Things looked a little iffy at 3:30 pm on Saturday the 27th, the afternoon of the big event.  The wind picked up and weather radar showed bands moving through the whole region–then the rains really began! For a little while it looked like the party would be indoors with perhaps a few peeks outside under Glenn’s blue tent:

Among the garden crew there was less than a fraction of a second’s thought to cancel, so plans were made to have Tea in the Garden outdoors under the overhang with some overlap inside the education wing of the building.

Meanwhile the insane buzz of activity was ongoing in kitchen, the show was on, and the scones, turnovers, breads (all homemade), tea sandwiches, starfruit, and homemade, fresh-squeezed lemonade were sorted and arranged.

Then just a little after 5:00 the rain eased and the sky lightened, threatening sun (yay!)…

Setup outside went into high gear

The Sun came out!!!!

Tables were loaded with home baked goodies and our awesome youth wait staff were prepped.

Stay tuned, more stories and pictures on their way!!!!

Meanwhile be checking out some  Flickr pics (right hand side)– more on their way as well!